Houseplants from Holland

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It is really very difficult to imagine a house without indoor plants. And if before we met an ordinary Decembrist, undemanding sansevieria and capricious azaleas on the windowsills, now everything is a hundred times more diverse. After all, today the plants in the interior of the house are not just a whim of the hostess, but also in every way help the fashionable transformation of the apartment.

Home plants will brighten up any interior

Many housewives would gladly complement the interior of their apartment with plants, but they are stopped by the difficulty in care. However, there are a huge number of colors that do not require it!
Indoor flowers, in addition to beauty, bring something else to the interior. Yes, yes, we all know that plants emit oxygen and are able to purify the air, however, this physical effect of them creates an environment in which it is not only easier to breathe, but also more pleasant to live.

Should I buy Dutch indoor flowers?

Home flowers from Holland are incredibly popular among the inhabitants of our country, this is due not only to a rare level of quality, but also to a huge selection. We know that it is not necessary to order flowers directly from Holland, but it is much easier to purchase them from a direct supplier.

How to properly care for Dutch plants?

The purchased "Dutchman" must be transplanted into suitable soil. Many have difficulty when it comes to practice...

Transplant materials

You need:
  • new pot,
  • earth mix,
  • powder,
  • drainage.
It is necessary to choose the right soil mixture, buy expanded clay of the proper size and find the right powder color. An important detail is the size of the pot; when choosing, be sure to consider the growth rate of the plant's root system.

When to transplant?

The time of transplantation plays almost a key role, because changing the conditions of detention is an incredibly huge stress for the plant. Therefore, wait a few weeks after purchase until the flower adapts to the conditions of your home, then proceed to transplanting. You should not linger too - potted Dutchmen do not live long without a transplant.


While the rooting process is in progress, the plant does not need to be moved, exposed to the sunny side and subjected to any other action.

Watering and lighting

An important stage for the formation of your pet is the selection of lighting. Then you need to choose the optimal mode of watering and spraying.
So, buying Dutch flowers requires significant additional money and time costs, otherwise the plant will certainly die in a few weeks. To avoid this, it is better to buy quality elite plants from direct suppliers.

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