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This page contains an on-line filter for indoor flowers. Here you can choose a plant just for you by selecting the desired characteristics.

To do this, you just need to mark the desired characteristics. And below you will see the houseplants we offer. For example, you want to choose indoor flowers that purify the air or the most useful indoor plants, then click on "Air Purification" and select a feature.

If you want to know what are poisonous houseplants (harmful houseplants), click on "Toxicity".

Are you new to floriculture? And you want to know what are the most unpretentious indoor plants (a photo of flowers will be displayed in the same way as the name)? Then click on "Growing Difficulty".

Do you want to know which flowers are angiosperms and which flowers? Click on "View (Department)"

Are you choosing a plant for the interior of an apartment of a certain shape? Click on "Form". This section can also serve as a determinant of indoor plants. If you have purchased a flower whose name you do not know, try to select its shape and view the suggested options.