Planters for flowers with automatic watering

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Photo pots with automatic wateringIndoor plants are an integral part of modern apartments and offices. They purify the air, create a good microclimate and make the room more comfortable and harmonious. In order for living plants to look attractive, they need to be properly looked after, provided with regular watering and top dressing. However, not every working person can afford to keep indoor flowers at home. Business trips, long trips and the usual negligence of residents are very often the cause of the death of domestic plants. Solving this problem is quite simple. You just need to buy a modern high-quality pot with automatic watering!

Plant care just got easier!

Pots with automatic watering photoIn our time, the leaders among manufacturers of technological flower pots are German and Dutch companies. It is these two brands that offer unique planters for fresh flowers, equipped with an automatic watering system. As a rule, pots with automatic watering have a complex design. So, they contain an additional reservoir with a liquid, above which there is a drainage and a layer of soil. Plants receive moisture through the root system from the drainage layer. The water level is controlled using a special scale.

Planters with automatic watering allow you to leave plants for up to three months without watering. Such flower pots are well suited for growing even the most capricious species that do not tolerate a lack or excess of moisture, as well as surface watering. Such pots are made of high-strength plastic, resistant to fading and temperature extremes. You can install them indoors, on balconies, loggias and even in courtyards.

Why is it worth buying a planter with automatic watering?

Pots with automatic watering have many advantages, which is confirmed by positive feedback from consumers. In addition to their functional purpose, these products also benefit from their modern design, which allows them to become a real highlight of any interior. You can purchase planters with automatic watering, which are distinguished by a wide variety of colors, have a unique glossy or metallic sheen. Colored pots bring bright colors to life and are well suited for Art Nouveau interiors.

If you decide to buy a planter with automatic watering, pay attention to balcony mounts for planters, as well as stands with wheels that make it easy to move large pots, for example, during rearrangement or cleaning. And if you want to save money, just make a self-watering pot with your own hands - it's not difficult!

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