Riding peat for greenhouses

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When looking for substrates to grow a flower or horticultural crop, most people prefer buying inexpensive peat. There are quite a few explanations for this, since the environmental friendliness and naturalness of this mineral forms an optimal environment that promotes the maturation of plants. In addition, peat is an alternative energy, so it is often used for fuel purposes.

Peat is formed in wetlands, where it is filled with nutrients and mineral components, which makes it possible to use peat products both as a basis for growing seedlings and as a fertilizing substance, complementing the main type of soil.

Horse peat, destination

High-moor or acidic peat consists of plant remains fed by the atmosphere and formed on top of the marshes. This type of peat has a low level of decomposition and a low content of minerals. However, it is recognized as a good durable and efficient filter. The most significant purpose of using peat in agriculture is to ensure high fertility of the land, which includes the following:

  1. The structure of the soil improves.
  2. Increasing crop growth.
  3. The acidity and moisture and air-permeable properties of the soil increase.
  4. Peat contributes to the destruction of harmful insects.
  5. Reduces the level of nitrates and the effect of pesticides.

The use of high-moor peat in greenhouse conditions

High-moor peat is considered the optimal basis for the preparation of greenhouse soil. To establish the best composition of the soil, you should decide on the crops and plants that will be grown.

To prepare greenhouse soils, it is necessary to know some important characteristics of each element of greenhouse compositions. Soil components can be the following substances:

  • Peat, contributing to the high absorption of moisture and its retention for a long time. This ability of peat maintains the best level of soil temperature. Peat is also an excellent antiseptic. In greenhouse soils, the presence of peat is 50-90%. Due to the high level of oxidizability, peat can be used together with lime.
  • Compost contains many useful substances obtained in the process of decay. As well as peat, it has good moisture and air permeability, which improves the structure of the greenhouse soil and increases its productivity.
  • Humus is a natural product created by decaying manure.
  • River sand helps to reduce acidity and increase soil loosening. It is recommended to combine river sand with peat.
  • Sawdust contains many useful components that positively nourish the soil. Sawdust contributes to the loosening of the soil and the stability of temperature with moisture.
  • Straw adds nitrogen and carbon dioxide to the soil.

Greenhouse soils are divided into three types of soil:

  1. Light appearance with the presence of peat, manure, compost or hardwood.
  2. Medium - with manure, turf, sand and peat.
  3. Heavy - with turf and sand.

Any person can always change the mixture at his own discretion and desire.

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