Features of garden aster and planting seeds

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Astra is considered one of the easiest and most unpretentious garden plants to care for. With its help, you can create a beautiful flower bed, especially since you can buy aster seeds of various varieties and create an amazing landscape design without much time and effort.

Features of the garden aster

Often, in caring for the garden, many people forget about the decorative component of their garden plots. But it is difficult for gardeners to keep track of the future harvest and flowers at the same time, so gardeners suggest using a garden aster as an alternative. It does not require special care, but at the same time it has a beautiful appearance and is able to decorate any area. In addition, flowers are characterized by numerous advantages:
  • they are not afraid of frost, so they can bloom even in frosty weather (up to -7 degrees);
  • planting material endures any adverse conditions, and also rises in any area (regardless of soil quality);
  • you can sow the seeds in any convenient way (directly on the beds or through seedlings);
  • aster easily tolerates a transplant during flowering;
  • a large selection of species and varieties will allow you to embody any design idea and create a real masterpiece from a flower bed without significant financial costs.
The ease of planting seeds is another bonus for gardeners. You can learn how to grow asters even without experience. In order for the flowerbed to please with flowers soon, it is enough to plant the seeds in pre-fertilized soil and water and feed it from time to time.

Proper planting of asters: recommendations for gardeners

In order for asters to please with large flowers, it is enough to take into account the recommendations of experts before planting:
  • Before planting seeds, it is necessary to determine their location and prepare the soil. Healthy buds can form only if there are a lot of nutrients and a sufficient level of moisture in the soil, so it is best to prepare a flower bed in the fall. It is enough to dig the soil along with a combination of sand and peat. In this case, the soil will be fertile and well-drained;
  • Avoid acidic or overly dense soil. Well, if the earth is neutral. And fertilizing just before planting can cause a common disease - fusarium. Spring work related to digging the earth and adding superphosphate or ammonium sulphate to it will help to avoid this;
  • To prevent the flowers from being affected by diseases and, in particular, fungal fusarium, it is necessary to plant them away from potatoes, tulips or gladioli. And every 6 years it is worth changing the location of asters.
Asters feel most comfortable in sunny places, but they can be planted in the shade. But it is important to carefully select a place on the plot, as the plants are very susceptible to winds and constant dampness. Also, do not forget about the quality of planting material. It is better to buy seeds in specialized online stores, then after a short time the flower bed will be covered with beautiful and large buds that will delight with their appearance right up to the first frost.
Given that asters are resistant plants, you should not forget about high-quality processing. Diseases are considered the main enemy of plants. Preventive treatment with special solutions containing magnesium, cobalt and zinc salts will help to avoid negative consequences. And in dry weather, asters should be watered with plenty of water. In particular, you should monitor the condition of the plants during the setting of buds, which, with insufficient watering, will not be able to please with lush flowering.

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