Fresh flowers and bouquets

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Flowers are not just a universal gift that will appeal to every person and will be appropriate in any situation. Competently composed flower arrangements are akin to a work of art - they are able to give a mood, create a special atmosphere and impress even the most insensitive person. What is the difference between floral compositions and other types of art? Only because you don't need to be an expert to fully enjoy the harmonious selection of shapes, colors and designs.

Features of making bouquets

Flowers are beautiful on their own and in combination with each other. But the wrong tone, wrong layout or design can spoil even the most beautiful creation of nature. That is why professional florists should be engaged in drawing up bouquets and flower arrangements. The service of home delivery of flowers from a florist shop is an opportunity to quickly, simply and tastefully please a loved one, congratulate a colleague or simply show attention to dear people.

Flowers are indispensable in such cases as:

  • birthday;
  • wedding ceremony (bouquets for the bride, parents and guests);
  • birth of a child;
  • goodbye;
  • anniversaries;
  • business (greeting colleagues, partners, decorating conference rooms, etc.);
  • the need to beautifully say "thank you", "sorry", etc.

In order for flowers to always be in place and please the eye, when composing bouquets and floral decor, you must strictly follow some rules.

  1. Appointment. A delicate pink bouquet in a playful wrapper will look at least out of place at a business meeting or as a gift for a man. Therefore, it is important to choose the right style of flower arrangement - for business events, weddings, anniversaries.
  2. Recipient's gender. A gift for a man is always different from a gift for a woman, and flowers are no exception.
  3. Recipient's personality. A young impressionable girl will prefer a small bouquet in delicate colors, while an older business woman would rather prefer elegant lilies or roses in a simple design.
  4. The purpose of the gift. Whether there will be a recognition to a beloved woman, a sign of attention to a mother or a gift to a boss - all this is taken into account when compiling floristic compositions.

Floristry in wedding ceremonies

A wedding is probably the only event where it is literally impossible to do without flowers. Bouquets are made of them for participants, rooms and tables, cars and even costumes are decorated with them. But one of the most important floral attributes of the event is the bridal bouquet.

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