Flower boxes: tips for choosing

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Flower boxes: main features and tips for choosing

Fresh flowers have always been the best interior decoration. They literally breathe life into the environment, giving bright colors and comfort to the room, saturating the air with a delicate and pleasant aroma. But such living scenery requires a special "dwelling". By choosing the right flower box, you can make the interior brighter and more stylish.

The main features of the flower container

Fresh flowers will be an excellent decoration of an apartment or house. With their help, you can revive the interior or use as a decoration. Flowers are placed in different packaging options. Most often, small pots are used, but special boxes designed for flowers are rapidly gaining popularity. You can place them both on the window and on the balcony.

The main features of this container:

  • are made of various materials that are not afraid of external negative factors;
  • simultaneous placement of several plants at once is permissible;
  • a wide variety of florists - in such a container, flowers look neat and aesthetically pleasing.

Advantages and disadvantages of containers for plants

Containers are made from different materials and have a lot of advantages:
  • in high-quality and properly selected containers, plants will not die;
  • the container is easy to rearrange to a more suitable place (for example, if too much sun falls on the flowers);
  • no need to use a lot of soil;
  • suitable for placement on a balcony or loggia;
  • fit perfectly into different interiors;
  • a diverse assortment, there is a choice based on goals and design;
  • additional use of decorative elements to decorate containers is permissible;
  • you can independently build large flower arrangements.
There are also some disadvantages, which include:
  • watering is required to be carried out daily, otherwise the plants begin to fade quickly;
  • the soil must be regularly changed to a new one;
  • constant top dressing is important, otherwise flowering is significantly reduced, the leaves turn yellow;
  • some types of containers tend to break often, requiring repair or replacement;
  • large capacity less mobile;
  • pets can knock over boxes on the floor.

Varieties of containers for flowers

In specialized stores today, a huge variety of flower boxes are on sale. They differ in design, material and performance.
The following options are most in demand among buyers:
  1. Decorative - bright, expressive and original design. They are very roomy or small. Often such specimens have a beautiful decorative handle, which can be made of unusual materials (for example, thick rope). These types are made of natural wood, boards, pallets, plywood or wicker. Copies with a forged frame look very bright and elegant.
  2. Plastic is the most popular option. There are different shapes, it is possible to additionally decorate it yourself - for example, repaint it in any color. On such models, painted images or patterns look interesting. Lightweight and mobile, so they can often be rearranged.
  3. Suspended - are called pots. These are spacious drawers fixed with brackets. Many models are designed to be placed on the railing of the balcony, they are large. They can also be wall mounted or hooked to the ceiling.
Tips for choosing plant boxes
To decorate a living space, the issue of choosing flower boxes must be approached with all responsibility. Attention is drawn to the following parameters:
  • Material. Plastic models are light, but often break. Wooden ones are more practical, but it is important to constantly monitor that the wood does not start to rot as a result of constant exposure to moisture and dampness.
  • Design. Containers should fit perfectly into the interior. Otherwise, they will look out of place.
  • Quality. There must be no scratches, cracks or other damage. If they are, it is better to choose another option, since such boxes will not last long.
  • Brackets and fasteners. This applies to hanging types. It is important that all components are reliable and strong.
  • Dimensions. It all depends on the size of the room and the availability of free space.
When choosing boxes for flowers, it is worth considering whether a large composition will be created or only a few plants are planned to be planted. In the first case, a large container is required, and in the latter, a small decorative box is also suitable.

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