Creating comfortable conditions for indoor plants

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Most home flowers come from warm countries. Therefore, maintaining the correct temperature is extremely important for full growth. But not all plants need high levels of heat. Also, not everyone is suitable for the same frequency of watering. Knowing the name of the flower, you can read about specific recommendations. Let's highlight several factors that will help ensure comfortable conditions.

Features of the air in the room

Each plant needs a specific temperature range in which it will feel good. You need to know the boundaries of the maximum and minimum if you want to grow a healthy flower. When the room is cold, growth processes slow down. If the temperature is higher than necessary, all processes are accelerated. Both options adversely affect the indoor flower.
A comfortable range can be considered 20-25 degrees. This is optimal for begonia, mulberry, aroid, bromeliad and other species. Temperature indicators 18-20 - for the genus coleus, peperomia, sanchecia. At 15-18 degrees, plants such as fatsia, aucuba, ivy, tetrastigma and others will be able to develop correctly.
Some blooms are subject to a dormant period. At this time, when all processes are slowing down, a low temperature (10-15 degrees) is needed. The list of such plants includes hydrangeas, pelargoniums, primrose.
Only the right life cycle will ensure flowering. For example, in winter, a cactus needs less watering than in summer. If you create comfortable conditions for this plant, beautiful flowers will appear.

Air humidity

Most plants do not like dry climates. Even cacti need to be sprayed periodically. Humidity can be created by spraying water. This option is not suitable for everyone; for specific flowers, it is better to choose regular watering. This group includes plants that develop yellow spots on the leaves when in contact with water.
The height of the pot also plays an important role. For example, there is less moisture under the ceiling. This is suitable for plants that can tolerate drought. A second pot filled with moss will help increase the moisture in the soil, but this is not the only trick. For example, expanded clay pallets do a good job.
It should be noted that very high humidity contributes to the development of mold and fungi. Also, the plant must be regularly wiped from dust. Special equipment can be used to simplify the care work. For example, an air washer (of various companies: from xiaomi, boneco, venta and others) will perfectly cope with small particles, measure relative humidity, temperature, generate prompts and independently configure the appropriate mode.

Lighting for greenery is like food for humans

When we talk about caring for indoor plants, we imagine a corner hung with lamps. Under the influence of light in the leaves, the process of photosynthesis occurs. Special lamps are used for this, and the unit of measurement of the parameter is lux. For example, the sun's rays correspond to an indicator of 1000 lux.
  • Some plants should be indoors with lighting of 1500-5000 lux.
  • For others, an indicator of 700-1000 is enough.
  • The spectrum from ultraviolet rays to infrared can be considered optimal.
Create favorable conditions for home plants with the help of modern technology.

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