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Polar bear in water - a whole ballet

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Some people are often said to be clumsy, like bears. Indeed, a heavy, clumsy bear literally asks for examples of clumsiness and slowness. And yet, these creatures lurk grace and a sense of the beauty of movements, although we do not notice it.

One London photographer managed to provide visual evidence of hitherto unknown abilities in bears.

In his photographs - a couple of polar bears living in the London Zoo.

When the bears walk around the playground, no one will recognize them as dance virtuosos, they are no different from their other clumsy relatives.

But as soon as they plunge into the clear waters of the pool, they completely change. The photographer managed to capture their "performance" under water, which lasted several minutes.

Where did the heaviness and heaviness of furry monsters go? After all, each of them weighs 750-800 kilograms.

Bear Ballet

Of course, the law of Archimedes helps - in the water element they are in a weightless state. Nevertheless, their dexterity and grace are amazing.

The bears either float importantly, like living submarines, or make the “swallow” much more elegant than other figure skaters, then do a quick somersault under water, add a real pirouette to it, and finally bow ceremoniously.

Who taught them these movements of "classical" ballet is unknown. But it seems that our saying about bearish clumsiness will have to be amended a little.

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