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Indoor flowers for the bathroom

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Home plants for all types of bathrooms |

The small size of the bathroom does not always make it possible to create the “dream interior” that we are used to seeing in films. Although even in the smallest bathroom you can always find a cozy place for a flower pot, because the flowers in the bathroom always look stylish and interesting.

When choosing a plant, be sure to take into account the style of the room: it will be great if the structure and color of the container with plants matches the interior of the room.

It is great if the bathroom is spacious and has a window, but this is not at all necessary. You can also pick up such plants that grow beautifully in conditions of high humidity and are content with artificial lighting, we can include cissum or aspidistra among them. Some types of philodendron, fern (nephrolepis), and monstera can also be placed in a large combined bathroom.

If the bathroom does not have a window and a window sill, you can put a pot with an indoor flower under a mirror next to the washbasin or on a wall shelf. Niche shelves also look good in curly green edging, even more beautiful when it is possible to direct the backlight there.

In order to give the room a touch of lightness and elegance, you can place a vase with a bouquet next to a potted non-flowering plant. You can choose a ceramic planter in the bathroom for flowers - contrasting with the overall color scheme of the room or similar to the color of the tiles, you can add bright colors with other accessories - decorative bottles, bright textiles, bath curtains or colored glass.

For people who love wooden accessories and walls, ferns and palm trees (Liviston, Hovea) are perfect. You can also put a small form of philodendron or golden scindapsus on the wall.

When placing a tub with a plant on the floor, be sure to take note of the fact that it is unacceptable to get detergents into the ground! All these substances have a detrimental effect on the growth and life of plants, and even minimal portions (but received constantly) can lead your pet to death.

Plants that prefer high humidity and dim diffused light:

  • Large indoor flowers:
  1. ctenant;
  2. nephrolepis;
  3. stromante;
  4. philodendron;
  5. fatsia japanese.
  • Flowering houseplants:
  1. calathea;
  2. gusmania;
  3. bromeliad;
  4. neoregelia;
  5. nidularium;
  6. cyclamen;
  7. Decembrist;
  8. chrysanthemum;
  9. exacum;
  10. pitkernia;
  11. spathiphyllum;
  12. Saintpaulia (Uzambara violet);
  13. phalaenopsis orchids.
  • Bush houseplants:
  1. elegant chamedorea;
  2. aglaonema;
  3. aspidistra high;
  4. fittonia;
  5. arrowroot.
  • Climbing houseplants:
  1. dracaena sander;
  2. small-leaved ivy.

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