Poisonous indoor plants

The wealth of well-groomed and attractive indoor plants has always been considered a positive side for housewives. Entering such a house, we do not hide our fascination from such beauty.

Only most of us, when choosing a houseplant, pay their attention to the appearance, size and unpretentiousness of the flower, but only a few think about its danger to others. According to botanists, it is IMPOSSIBLE to arrange "gardens" in your residential buildings (apartments) and work premises, because an excess of plants is more likely to do harm than good, because they emit compounds that threaten our health.

Do you have a baby or pet in the house? Are they overly curious? They must be protected from dangerous or even fatal plants! If the poisonous juice from a leaf of a plant gets on the hands, the skin may become inflamed, but this is not so risky, but if the poison enters the body, it must be assumed that serious poisoning or even death can occur.

We present to your attention dangerous indoor plants: